Alexander Bakharev
CEO and Chairman of the Board

​​​​​​​​​​​​Mr. Bakharev is the creative inventor of many novel and unique high-tech solutions in several technical and scientific fields such as cryogenics, superconductivity, composite material, aerodynamics and thermodynamics. He holds more than a dozen worldwide patents and is the author of many published articles that are well recognized internationally. He graduated from one of the most prestigious Russian universities, Moscow Mendeleev, where he completed his graduate and post-graduate studies. In his early days he spent 17 years with Russia’s equivalent of NASA where he rose to the head of the cryogenic composite material department.  

Mr. Bakharev has been in the private business arena for the last 32 years where he played the roles of originator, founder and co-founder of several successful companies. Mr. Bakharev was the founder of the Russian Krionit Scientific Technical Enterprise. The company was involved in the development and manufacturing of different kinds of SQUID magnetometers, such as SQUID Microscopes, SQUID MagnetoEncephaloGraphs (MEG) and MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG). Krionit had sold equipment to several US universities including Stony Brook University, US Naval Research Laboratory, IBM, LG Electronics, Samsung in Korea, customers in the UK, Germany and other companies around the globe. Mr. Bakharev was also the founder, President, Chairman of the Board and CTO of the CardioMag Imaging Inc., a company involved specifically in the commercialization of MCG systems. Under his leadership the company developed and commercialized up to the FDA approval a 9 Measuring Channels MCG system based on SQUID sensors which was successfully tested at several high rank US hospitals include the John Hopkins Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Cedar Sinai Medical Center and at the Hoyerswerda Clinic in Germany. These MCG systems have also been in the commercial use in several cardiology clinics in China.  

Mr. Bakharev was recognized by the Wall Street Journal on September 11, 2006 as a recipient (first runner-up) of a Technical Innovations Award* in the area of Medical Devices.  

Based on his vast experience in MagnetoCardioGraphy, Mr. Bakharev developed the unique technology of Environmental Magnetic Noise Elimination system. In contrast to his previous developments in this area, this technology, allows MCG devices to perform in regular hospital’s emergency department environments in close proximity  to hospital elevators, all kinds of medical apparatus, moving metal beds, working printers, computers, etc. Base on this development and several other similar and unique innovations, Mr. Bakharev formed Mesuron Inc. in 2011 where he is currently playing a role of CEO and Chairmen of the Board. ​​​​​​​

Doug McMurrey
Board Member

Mr. McMurrey currently serves as Principal at Broad Reach Energy, LLC,formed August 2015, covering:
 Energy Advisory - Upstream, Midstream and Downstream
 Angel/Venture Capital Advisory
 Capital Markets

Mr. McMurrey served as Vice President, Marketing and Business Development for Kinder Morgan CO2, L.P., the eleventh largest oil producer, on-shore Texas. Kinder Morgan CO2 is the world’s leading CO2 operator/transporter and one of the world’s premier enhanced oil producers – January 2007 - September 2015.

Prior to joining Kinder Morgan in January of 2007, Mr. McMurrey was a Managing Director at Société Générale (“SG”), Heading Oil & Gas Client Management in the U.S. and Americas. Based in Houston, he served as the Principal of SG Americas Securities LLC and the Société Générale Houston Representative Office – January 2001 - January 2007.

Prior to joining SG, Mr. McMurrey served as Managing Director with Chase Manhattan Bank, based in Asia/Pacific for 7+ years, running the region’s Project Finance and Syndicated Loan groups. The combined team focused on syndicated energy financings, reservoir and project finance/advisory expertise, and client business development with a focus on the Bank’s core competency in the energy sector.

A Houston native, Mr. McMurrey began a banking career with Chase Manhattan Bank and related entities (22 years), starting at Texas Commerce Bank, in 1978, which was the premier regional energy house for many years, focusing on upstream and downstream client development. That career was punctuated with his assignment to Asia/Pacific to form the Asia/Pacific Energy Group for Chemical Bank, in late 1993. He has extensive experience in complex (multi-source) cross-border project financings, leveraged acquisitions, limited recourse financings, and reserve based transactions, including Production Payments and Volumetric Production Payments and related risk mitigation.

Education: M.B.A., The University of Texas, Finance & Management, 1978, Austin, Texas B.A., Colby College, 1976, Waterville, Maine

Michael Prentice
Board Member 

Michael S. Prentice is an investor and philanthropist who currently serves as the CEO of MPVP Holdings, a real estate investment company with a large portfolio of residential property based out of Texas. He has invested in several technology start-ups and holds a long-standing commitment to supporting innovation that improves the world. He serves on the board of Museo Sa Bassa Blanca in Mallorca, Spain. He is also the founder and Chairman of Alta Arts, a non-profit committed to the promotion of art and architecture in Southwest Houston. He holds a BA in Art History from Middlebury College.

Maria Gutman
Board Member and Secretary

Ms. Gutman has over 15 years of working experience in Fortune 500 companies. She held various roles in sales and communications before taking on a position with General Electric Company as part of the Human Resources Department. While at General Electric she worked in A&D, training, leadership program strategy, brand management, compliance and recruitment process development roles before moving on to Harman International. At Harman she led talent management strategy globally this included talent acquisition, performance management, retention, mentoring, coaching, technology systems and succession planning strategies. After Harman, she took on an international assignment in Moscow, Russia with PepsiCo. She held various Sr. HR Business Partner roles in regional offices before coming back to the United States to join PepsiCo corporate team as an HR Director supporting top executive management in areas of insights, design, marketing, licensing and content development. Ms. Gutman holds a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree (Cum Laude) in Marketing and Management from Siena College and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree with honors as well as a Post Graduate Certification in Human Resources from Union College.

Aleksey Bakharev
Board Member

Mr. Bakharev has been an engineer for over 10 years.  He currently manages a mechanical engineering team at PepsiCo with focus on global authorization of food service equipment platforms for use with PepsiCo products. He leverages extensive experience in testing and automation to lead team in evaluation of dispensing and cooling equipment at internal, supplier and 3rd party laboratories. Mr. Bakharev manages and develops technical standards that encompass consumer, business, technical and testing requirements. Aleksey has experience with LabView programming, CAD diagrams as well as driving process improvements and working cross functionally in a complex organization.


Svetlana Bakhareva
VP of Finance, Controller, Treasurer and Co-Secretary ​​​​​​​

Mrs. Bakhareva has over 15 years of experience managing all financial aspects of large and small companies. She graduated from one of prestigious technology institutes in Russia, Moscow with a Masters degree in Technology Engineering. Mrs. Bakhareva completed, with high honors, an international accounting and financial management university program in Moscow. She has extensive experience working as a Financial Director in numbers of the Russian companies. She has also worked for over 8 years as a Production Manager in CardioMag Imaging Incorporated, overseeing the manufacturing of one of the most unique and complicated FDA approved medical devices known as SQUIDs based Magnetometers utilized for MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG).

Yuri Polyakov, PhD
VP of Electronics Development

Dr. Polyakov is a Senior Research Scientist at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook. He received his Ph.D. degree in 1983 from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, one of the world’s leading universities in the field of experimental physics. He is the author of more than 25 publications in scientific journals, 14 conference proceedings and 3 patents. During his 25 years as an experimental physicist and engineer, Dr. Polyakov has been a principle developer of various sophisticated scientific methods and devices in the fields of semiconductor  Mesuron Inc., superconductor electronics, laser-optical diagnostics of biological objects, spectroscopy of atmospheric gases and super sensitive magnetic measurements. Since 1997 he has also been the owner of a company Research & Development Inc. dedicated to the development of electronic devices used in unique scientific and industrial applications. One of his products, a multi-channel measurement setup for the screening of superconductor chips, is used as the standard test equipment in the leading fabrication facilities worldwide.

Sergey Repnoy
Senior Design Engineer

Mr. Repnoy is a Mechanical Design Engineer by trade, who is experienced with 3D/2D Design (Solidworks/Autocad), Assembly, Parts, Drawings, BOM; PDM Solidworks (Archive with Revision control), and Solidworks Simulation. He was educated at Bauman Moscow State Technical University in Moscow, Russia where he received a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a Lead Design Engineer for  S.P. Korolev Rocket-Space Corporation “Energia” in Russia where is researched, developed, designed metallic / nonmetallic composite (Kevlar, Fiberglass and epoxy materials) High Pressure Vessels for Russian Space Program, cryogenic Titanium Vessels and Vessels for fuel cells. Mr. Repnoy then moved on to CardioMag Imaging Inc. where he completed design drawings of large medical capital equipment - Magneto-Cardiograph System including all sub components Nonmagnetic nonmetallic Dewars Liquid He, SQUID probes and Bed and Holder. He continued his career with SuperPower Inc. and then UNILUX AM respectively, continuing design work before joining Mesuron Inc. as a Senior Design Engineer.