Mesuron Inc. was founded by Alexander Bakharev, a SQUID magnetometers expert and successful entrepreneur.  Alexander has more than 30 years of extensive experience in developing such equipment. Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) known since early 1960-s are the most sensitive sensors of magnetic field, but only in 2011-13 Alexander has developed a breakthrough technology  in constructing cardiograph (such as "Avalon-H90")  that can reliably operate in magnetically non-shielded environment, such as a typical hospital’s emergency room (ER), or intensive care unit (ICU). Before this breakthrough, measurements of human heart in busy, magnetically noisy environments were either impossible or at least defective. Now, with Mesuron’s equipment, they became reliable and accurate. Measurements can be reliably made in close proximity to hospital elevators, all kinds of medical apparatus, moving metal beds, working printers, computers, etc. if they are located as far from the sensor array as 2.5-3 meters. Needless to say, the magnetic environment in a typical private cardiology office is even more conducive to a smooth operation of Mesuron's systems.

Recently developed Avalon-H90 operates without traditional use of liquid helium cryostats using instead proprietary chamber with integrated cooling system. Proprietary configuration of SQUID sensors array allow to measure absolutely unique 3 dimensional signal coming from the heart electrical activity delivering results that are fundamentally impossible to obtain by any ECG devises include ECG body electrical potential mapping devices.

Avalon-H90 capable of providing a millisecond by millisecond high spatial resolution of the 3D electric activity maps over the human heart within a minute, with the patient resting and no electrodes attached. Due to its inherent synchronization over the whole magnetic map and using a single, completely contactless measurement during ~90 seconds, this system will address a whole range of issues, including detection of the heart ventricle repolarization problems related to the ischemic heart disease.  Significantly, it requires no contact with  the patient's body. Not even a simple 3-lead ECG used for the synchronization in the lower-level MCG systems is needed.

Watch an interview provided by Alexander Bakharev, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Mesuron Inc. that provides an overview of the company and the product.